To capture the spirit of Latin-America

The founders of Black and Gold fell in love with Latin America's Día de los Muertos tradition, using skulls to represent love and joy. The skull embodies exuberance, passion, and energy and is a key element in our brand image. Our stylish clothing and accessories capture the passion of Latin America with superior quality and perfect fit. Black and Gold celebrates life and offers pieces suitable for any occasion, representing who you are.

the goal

As we from Black and Gold are based in Belgium and fell in love with the beauty of Latin-America it is our mission to combine our love for fashion and our love for Latin-America. We make it our mission to attract you in the beauty it has to offer and to let you experience the spirit of Latin-America.

We hope to take you on this journey and fall in love with the passion that Latin-America has to offer.

Our love for Latin-America is translated into clothing with an exquisite style and refined details that capture the vibe of Latin-America. A subtle skull, colorful neck tape or full on embroidery is there to express yourself.

crafted with passion

In all our products, we are committed to delivering excellence, beginning with meticulous design. Afterwards, we ensure exceptional quality, driven by our passion for crafting high-quality pieces of art.

celebrating life

In this whole story we bring forward there is one thing we value most. Celebrating life. A concept understood perfectly by Mexicans when celebrating Dias de los muertos. Even in dead they strive for positivity.

Go party, enjoy the little things, have fun, love deeply, take that walk, enjoy your good days, go to the beach, make that trip, meet with friends, celebrate the life you have!

It's not about the clothes, it's about the feeling.


We understand that creating fashion can have quite an impact on the environment. That is why we thrive to do better everyday. On our sustainability page you can see the things we do to reduce the impact we make.

It's our job to improve this engagement everyday piece by piece, together with your support. We are always eager to learn so if you know ways for us to do better don't be afraid to get in touch.