New, Luxurious & Premium Quality



Since you guys build the succes of Black and Gold, we decided to start this new clothing line and provide you with a new and even more luxury finish: X-PROJECT. This graffiti collection is the first collection of the X-PROJECT. It’s inspired by the street and is designed for people who really want to make a fashion statement. X-PROJECT and its designs are limited, which means that the shirts and sweaters each have their own unique number inside (f.i.: 1/100). The designs are fun, loud, colourfull and outspoken but carefully selected to match your style.

Premium Quality

X-PROJECT is the even more luxury branch of Black and Gold clothing. It’s made out of high-end techniques and materials. The quality is even more refined than before. Every X-PROJECT item is limited in stock, to provide you the privilege of wearing unique clothes.


Craneo Painted

The Craneo Painted sweater of the X-PROJECT is the only sweater available in this collection. It still has the same DNA as the beloved Craneo sweaters of Black and Gold, but submerged in the Graffiti theme. It sets the first steps towards the X-PROJECT line. Expect great things in the future.