We, Maxim and Nicolas, best friends and founders of Black and Gold, fell in love with Latin America while traveling. We were moved by the Mexican tradition of ‘Día de los Muertos’: a ritual that honors the deceased, and uses skulls as a representation of love and joy. The skull became a key element in our brand image – embodying exuberance, passion and energy.

Latin America is the muse behind Black and Gold. Our stylish clothing and accessories capture the passion of a world that you feel running through your veins.

Maxim Sion – Founder
Nicolas Maes – Founder



Black and Gold embraces this passion. Not just in our clothing and accessories, but also in our hand-crafting. With our attention to detail and the superior quality and great fit of our clothing and accessories, you can express yourself in complete comfort and confidence.

You’ll find a high-impact representation of who you are in our ever-expanding product range. We offer you the right piece for any situation, varying from an early-morning business meeting to an evening out with friends. It gives clues to who you really are.

Black and Gold is about celebrating life. It’s a celebration of who you are.