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Have stylish sportswear with a skull tracksuit

The skull tracksuit is one of the many chapters in the story of Black and Gold. Our brand started in the minds of Maxim Sion and Nicolas Maes. When they returned from their travels in Latin America, they were particularly taken by the tradition of ‘Dia de los Muertos’ in Mexico. The skull and skeleton symbols were not lost on them and they implemented these elements in their own fashion brand. That is why you can see the characteristic skull adorned on all the items of our brand, from our boxers to knitwear.

Everything is internationally available

Would you like to dress in the comfortable and beautiful skull tracksuits? Then buy our tracksuits that you are able to order them from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you think that one of our fashion items could be the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Then let him or her choose whatever he likes by giving him or her a Black and Gold gift card. Contact us at support@blackandgoldofficial.com if you have any questions about us or our services.

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