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One of our classier accessories is the sugar skull watch. Available in different color combinations, you will have a high quality and beautiful looking sugar skull watch. The exclusive limited-edition Black Pearl watches fit comfortably around the wrist and are available in four different variations: Gold, Azul, Black and Army. This means that you can choose the preferred color combination that fits with the rest of your wardrobe or outfits. The leather band that comes with these exclusive watches is durable and made from high-quality leather.

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Where did the fascination with the skull symbol come from? Well, it is integral to the story of the Black and Gold brand. As our founders came home from their travels in Latin America, they were specifically touched by the Dia de los Muertos tradition in Mexico. This celebration contains a lot of skeleton and skull imagery, which served as the main inspiration for Maxim Sion and Nicolas Maes. What followed was a fashion brand that not only produces exclusive sugar skull watches, but also a variety of different accessories and clothing, for both men and women.

We ship our exclusive watches internationally

Wherever you might live in the world, we like to help all our international customers. This means that you can order and pay for our sugar skull watches from any country and expect it shipped as soon as possible. Are you buying a gift for a friend? Then you might be interested in our gift cards. This way, your friend can choose one of the various items of the Black and Gold brand and start celebrating life with us! If you have any questions, you can always contact us at [email protected].

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