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SS22 "Amazon Collection"

The Amazon rainforest is one of the worldʼs most impressive and important natural habitats. Covering most of the Amazon basin, the forest encompasses an area
of more than 5 millionsquare km with 60% of its total in Brazil. This sprawling jungle has long been of fascination to mankind, including the first explorers who allegedly gave it its name.

To help the Rainforest we plant 1 tree with every single order.


Inspired by the streets of Shibuya, a main cross roads where Art, Finance and fashion collide.
This melting pot creates a dynamic mix of cultural references
and is the hearbeat of Japan

SS22 'Marigold drop

Marigolds are one of the most recognized symbols of
Dia de los Muertos.

They are known as "flower of the dead,"
This flower is an honor to families and is the true
"Spirit of Latin America."

Premium Accessories

Discover our hand-made accessories.


Have you been looking for sugar skull clothing? Then you have arrived at the right place. At Black and Gold, we have been creating unique clothing, adorned with the famous Mexican sugar skulls. Our fashion items are a celebration of life and truly embody a sense of who you really want to be. With various options for men and women, you will surely be able to choose something to your liking.

Why do we have Mexican sugar skulls on our clothing?

Where does the story of our brand begin? It started in 2015 with the collaboration of Maxim Sion and Nicolas Maes. During their travels in Latin America, they arrived in Mexico. Here, they witnessed the mysterious tradition of "Dia de los Muertos". This holiday is celebrated by dressing up as skeletons and undead beings, honoring the dead. The Mexican sugar skulls would become a symbol of energy, passion and exuberance for both our founders. Because of this, they felt inspired to conceive a brand of clothing and accessories where the sugar skull would be a key element. What followed was a completemen'sandwomen'sfashion line, consisting of both clothing and accessories.

Celebrate life with us!

Feel free to scroll through the extensive selection of products that are available in our web shop. Be sure to come back regularly, because we update our styles every three months with brand new product lines. Perhaps you would like to introduce a friend to our variety of sugar skull clothing. Buy hima gift cardand let the person choose whatever he or she may like. Our Mexican sugar skulls will surely excite anyone to become part of the Black and Gold celebration!

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