Our online webshop has a large selection of casual and trendy clothes for men. Scroll through the many options that we have on offer. The Black and Gold brand is symbolic of celebrating life, that is why we like our clothes to be colorful, yet simplistic and modern in design. As a rather young brand, we know how to produce casual clothes for men. We also like to keep evolving, which is why we update our styles every three months, to make sure that all the clothes for men that are available online remain trendy.

We provide more than just casual clothes for men

Our brand started in 2015. It was the brainchild of Maxim Sion and Nicolas Maes, who felt particularly inspired when returning from their travels in Latin America. Here, they discovered the Mexican tradition of ‘Dia de los Muertos’, in which the natives dress up as skeletons. Our founders were fond of the skull imagery that they saw there and decided to make this the key symbol for the Black and Gold brand. That is why you might have noticed the skull returning in our online webshop on all the casual and trendy clothes for men. This design on all our products, from polo-shirts to sweaters, has attracted an international crowd of customers.

Celebrate life with us

Does our online selection of casual and trendy clothes for men interest you? Then order and pay easily from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you are looking for a gift for your friend. Consider one of our gift cards as the ultimate opportunity to introduce your friend to our exciting brand. Send an e-mail to support@blackandgoldofficial.com when you might have any questions about our brand or service.